My Story

Firstly thankyou for taking a look at this website… is a bit about me, the person behind the Blue Tractor Farm……

I care about the environment, I have a real fire in my belly when it comes to looking after the environment.  Having studied Environmental Management  I have spent about twenty years working on environmental, agricultural and conservation projects within Australia and overseas.

Some of my favourite projects were growing vegies in the Maldives on a small remote island, setting up environmental education centres throughout Thailand, whole farm planning and salinity management in the Katanning region and recently working in the area of pest management and biosecurity in the south west of WA.

I grew up in the awesome town of Bencubbin, my Dad was a farmer and taught me from an early age about the land. I loved hanging out with Dad on the family farm in Bencubbin.  Mum came from a dairy farming background in the lovely Crows Nest, Queensland, so farming certainly runs deep in the family.  My sister is a great cook and has her own catering business and my nephew is my joy and pride.

I also have a creative side and I love tapping into that through mosaics, gardening,  cooking and music.  My personal goal is to enjoy developing the pastured egg business, to grow sustainable food,  create a peaceful farm where people can enjoy country lifestyle and learn about the land.  I would love to eventually get a cool tea house going on the farm with yummy organic food made from eggs, but that is not on the near horizon.

My pledge to you is that I will do everything I possibly can to bring you healthy eggs from happy hens and I hope you can be part of that journey with me.  You can be part of that by becoming a supplier of Blue Tractor Farm Pastured eggs and contributing towards a future that involves healthy eggs and ethical food production.


Belinda, Mickey and Lulu


Mickey and Lulu at the family farm in Bencubbin